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I consider myself a connoisseur of pork BBQ and Briar Patch is as good as anywhere I've been.
Jason -

I receive your web-mail advertisement regularly. I have been in Baghdad since April and have been able to hold my own looking at the pictures on you site. However the Ribeye Steak is just too much!! I haven't had a piece of beef that I could chew since leaving the states. They cook the meat until it is dead and then cook it some more. I will be in line when I return in March so save me a medium rare steak. Merry Christmas to all and will see you soon.
Ronald -

I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy stopping in whenever I'm in the area (live in Newnan) and I wish that y'all had a location where I reside because I truly enjoy every single visit with you! Thanks!
Steve -

We love the weekly coupons and appreciate all you guys do!! Thanks for always having great food and serving it quick!! We love it!
DFCS Staff -

Hi. I just wanted to let y'all know that the 2 ladies in your drive thru tonight were absolutely amazing. They made sure my order was right. Asked how I was and just smiled the whole time. They made you feel very welcomed and that is good customer service. So I wanted to let you know how good they are at their job. And the food was good as well. I will be a returning customer
Angela -

I've been going to Briar Patch ever since I was a little kid. I love the Hickory Salad so much!! It's so peaceful and quiet. If anyone ever asks where is a good place to eat, Briar Patch always comes to mind 1st. I never have any problems with food or service. It's great!!
Heather -

Just wanted you to know the turkey you smoked for me to take to my Thanksgiving feast was absolutely delicious...it was smoked to perfection and the juices made it tender and their was not a dry piece.... Thank you Briar Patch and Happy Holidays....
Sarah -

All your food in the menu are delicious and served fresh. I love them all. Great restaurant, too. It's so homey and country. It's very relaxing in there.
Ruby -

I was on my lunch break and ran many errands thinking I'd have enough time to go through the drive thru and get back to work in time. I was squeezing it! The girl at the drive thru told me I'd have to pull up and I asked how soon because I had five mins! The cook got it to me before that and I was on my way! I wanted to tell him and the young lady at the drive thru window, THANK YOU!
Patty -

We used to eat at the "old" Briar Patch. Back in the "good old days". I can honestly say we (Mona and I) enjoy eating at the Briar Patch more now than ever. We mostly enjoy the new items: Grizzley Burger, Hiram Cheese Steak, Hickory Smoked Hot Wings, are just a few of the new items we often ask for. We almost will always try a new item before we consider the original Briar patch menu. We always bring friends from out of town to experiance the Briar Patch, none are ever disappointed.
John -

I've seen the restaurant and have often thought about going in. I decided to look online. The specials are awesome! Order at the drive thru--the young lady there was great and ordered ribs and chicken. Tasty meal and the cole slaw was awesome. I will be there more often. Thinking about going again tonight for the ribeye. Thanks.
Paulding Resident -

I love your hickory salad!
JoAnn -

While on our way to Florida for the winter in November from Michigan I spoke with the manager. I told him that we stopped at their place both going and coming every year for the past 4 years, because the food is so good. We will be at the Briar Patch on April 18 on our way back to Michigan. The Briar Patch is out of the way but worth the trip.
Gary & Audrey -

We really enjoy eating at your restaurant!
Ann -

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