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The new chili is AMAZING!!! So bold & full of flavor. Great job team Briar Patch! Another win!!
Keisha -

I came to eat at your restaurant for the first time this past Thursday night. I asked the girls name who took care of me and it was Kayla . She was very nice , took her time to answer questions I had about the menu and didn’t get I’ll or frustrated with me asking questions . She also talked me into getting 3 banana puddings and they were the best I have had in a long time.. I will be coming back to eat again.
Andera -

Thank You, for having employees that care. The ladies at the to-go window go out of their way to assure that everything is perfect. Everyone is always on their toes & ready to help.
Jim -

Well, today my husband and I went to another local restaurant. We got two hamburgers, two fries, a coke and a milkshake. It came to $11.50. When I remembered we could have gotten your grilled pork special for $12.00, I was really mad at myself. AND your food is sooo much better. That's a mistake that won't happen again!!!! Thanks so much for trying to help out in this economy. We try to tell everybody we know about the specials and the coupons (especially when you have the steak special).
Margaret -

My coworker and I came in on Thursday to pick up a large order of individual meals. The young lady behind the register with her smiling face was extremely patient with us as we paid separately for each order. She even wrote the name and type of drink on each cup. During this process an elderly woman dropped her entire tray, the lady at the register told us to please wait as she went to help the woman and make sure her order was remade (actions worthy of a gold medal). Once our payment process was completed another young lady came out to tell us about our order. She individually wrapped each order and taped a printed receipt with the individual name taped on each bag and gave use a bag with condiments/crackers for the salads. She even asked us if we needed help with carrying our order to our car. Your employees actually care about customer service and this is a rare sight to see in today’s world. I even called the manager later in the day to tell him about his WONDERFUL STAFF and how great they made me feel. Also, let’s not forget the cooks…The food was GREAT!
Rose -

Sammy -

I'm 39 yrs old and I have never had BBQ as good as the briar patch BBQ. Good food and great people, I would recommend anyone who wants the best BBQ in the South. Go to the BRIAR PATCH BBQ in Hiram GA.....
Cassie -

By FAR the best steak around. It seems strange that the best steak doesn't come from a traditional "steak house," but it doesn't. Thanks for the February steak special. We have certainly enjoyed it!
Ryan -

I came through the drive thru line on Saturday evening and you had a very sweet lady working in the window and she absolutely just a doll. She was very sweet and double checked my order to make sure everything was there. This lady was in full contraction and did very well she definitely deserves a raise! & The lady taking my order was absolutely the same way and can sell those banana puddings like it’s nothing and now my diet has been ruined.
Kendra -

Thank you so much for the web coupons. The $2.95 coupons have been a real blessing. With the economy the way it is, these coupons have certainly helped me personally but they also allow me to share with others. I have been using some of the coupons to take homebound shut-ins a meal. They get small meals and the Patch chops meals, etc. are the perfect size. Keep the coupons coming. I was able to share these wonderful meals with several shut-ins this week. God bless you all for helping others. Merry Christmas to each of you.
Nancy -

Your New Year's Day pork chop dinner was absolutely delicious. The pork chop was generously sized and cooked to perfection. The black eyed peas and collards were about the best I've ever eaten. Let me request that you add collards to your regular daily menu.
Charlotte -

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate the coupons you offer each week. Your coupons and specials allow senior citizens an opportunity to eat out more often, as well as the fact that you serve a good variety of foods. The verse on your receipt says a lot about you. Thank you so much for being a part of our community.
Harold -

I ordered the chicken tender basket today plus strawberry cobbler. Totally awesome. Best chicken tenders ever anywhere.The cobbler was superb.
Mary -

I love the Briar Patch. I have been eating here since way back when... Highly recommend to anyone who asks.
Linda -

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